Visionary, Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Bringing the world together as One

The Great Story Of a Journey to Oneness!

Rajan Luthra is an equal parts entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary. Throughout his life he has founded numerous business ventures, has been engaged in important philanthropic projects and has a world vision of ‘Oneness’, where all nations, all races, and all religions, work together to solve the world’s problems in a spirit of cooperation and love.
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He successfully started several business ventures from a young age starting with his export/import business. He gradually moved to Germany and build his real estate investment company dealing with historic, premium properties such as the Villa Baltic, a luxurious mansion on the Baltic Sea in Rostock, Germany. 

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His entrepreneurial endeavors are largely a means to an end; to provide funding and other resources for the development of programs to serve the needy who are hungry, homeless, illiterate, or who suffer from inadequate health care. In 2012, he established The Help Foundations Group to develop life-saving programs and services designed to address multiple needs through empowering poor people with economic development, education, infrastructure, health systems, and nutrition. HFGs mission is to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens – leveraging their expertise, resources, and passions – to turn good intentions into tangible, measurable results. 

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HWY 1 – The Movie

“The foundation of the world is oneness. But in the arena of human affairs, oneness is missing. This is the root cause of human suffering; poverty, hunger, and homelessness. So, I have this vision to bring them together as one – Families as one, neighbors as one, all races, all religions, all nations, equal members of the global human family.” There is sufficient abundance for every person in this world. There is enough food and resources to provide for everyone.