Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein


Throughout the course of my life, I have seen and done many things. I have visited many places and met many people. Whenever I see people happily working together, cooperating with each other, supporting each other’s efforts and providing for each other’s needs, it gives me great joy; great satisfaction. But when I see people who are arguing and fighting, who are only looking out for themselves, with no concern for the needs of others, it causes me sadness and misery. I can’t help but ask, “Why do they behave like that? Why can’t they work together and show each other kindness and concern? What is missing?”

I have come to understand that what is missing is Trust, Respect and Oneness. What is missing is love, Care and Share Truly speaking, oneness is there. If we really care and share If not money at least your time, your sympathy, your encouragement, your motivational talk, your positive energies, your truthfulness, your blessings. At least doing this you are developing consciousness of Oneness. At least you are trying to become ONE with the person and helping with his current situations. We all need to and loving each other.

The Most Important Aspect Is Humanity

If we begin with the home, with oneness between parents and children, children and parents, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, then we can extend oneness to the entire State and between each State (inter and intra-State), then to the entire country. From one country we can extend to another country and then between countries (inter and intra-country), and finally, we will have an opportunity to achieve universal global oneness!!!!!!

This is possible. Yes, Choosing forgiveness paves a path towards, peace, love, harmony, and Oneness. This is going to cultivate more strength within ourselves. As long we are carrying grudges, blames and historical painful events. We can not forgive. We need to come to the point, Where learn how to forgive others for their mistake or disaster they have created in our life.

Once that happened basically, we create a space within our hearts for kindness, love, and Oneness.

The world is full of conflicts and with many problems like poverty, mistrust, suffering, shootings, political issues, homelessness, hunger, disease, and many more problems You may ask, ‘What can I do about it?’ My answer will be, ‘be the example of the goodness that you wish to see in the world, then it will be reflected back to you’. They are the steps on a pathway to creating a sense of oneness, of union or unity, with each other.No race, No discrimination and Love everyone, be One with everyone. Accept everyone It doesn’t matter what religions, what colors, what cast, poor, rich or good or bad. Just accept them all as Human beings.

This concept of oneness can only be achieved by believing that our most essential purpose is to take Nature and our fellow men. Every soul is apart of our human family. The deep love and bondage which we create are called Oneness. This comes to a sense of abundance and wholeness as we grow in the knowledge that we are part of one large human family linked together by the breath and Spirit of our Creator, the one God. Loving, caring and sharing are divine actions. This will connect us with the universe and the Almighty. Here is an overview of the practice of oneness that I believe in. We engage in it by reaching out to others through love, kindness, and positive attitudes. We grow in it by learning the perspectives, challenges, burdens and the powerful possibilities within people in our lives. We build it by the words and actions we choose in each situation that show our willingness to help. We sustain it by claiming that every breakdown in living up to our goal of oneness carries within it the possibility for a breakthrough to create more authentic oneness between us

The positive vibes that will be generated through this feeling of ONENESS will ultimately eliminate people’s negativity. It will show them the true goal of their life; all that is necessary in the world is ONENESS. This is the ultimate Foundation of the World. Which is missing. To create this foundation Many Spiritual leaders, Gurus, Masters, and the top leaders had tried earlier. I am not doing something new. It is just the Vision to bring the whole World together as ONE. Now It is possible. This was not possible in the past. Now is the time, The new generation is ready to accept this Vision. The world is ready now, Change is already happening And good things is we have all kind of social media in this World. Everyone wants a change in this World. Positivity and Goodness are already there. All I need to do is connect all beautiful souls together and bring them on the platform of the Oneness, where they all agreed and accept love, care, kindness, happiness unity, and Oneness. This is a vision that cannot be realized by techniques or empty words. We can only realize it through our chosen responses to each challenge or opportunity in our lives and taking care of each other. At least one person can commit to helping only one person. Give yourself 100% if you wanna give someone your help and yourself. The vision of Oneness will start happening. Look around you and See, Which is the one person who needs the most help. Let me just commit to him 100%. If everyone around you is doing well, Then Go find one HOMELESS guy and become his friend and tell him I have adopted you. I will take care of you. Until you get success in life. Or Just adopt one child from any poor country And help that child until, He has a grown-up man. That’s what called ONENESS.

My commitment to this vision is that half of the profit from the movie will be donated to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Help Foundations Group will help to build more NGOs and also help the ones who are looking for funding. We will work with many big foundations around the World. We will also help homeless people all around the United State Of America. My dream to build homes for them and heal them with love and sympathy. Homelessness is the biggest problem in the United State. I do have a plan for my movie project. We will create a first TVchannel to help all these homeless. This will call “ADOPT ME”

Yes, movie projects will help homeless people to inspire the also finding their own way to get home. Will inspire their families to help them and accept them. they way they are. I feel sad when I see homeless people searching for food in the garbage and carrying empty canes. But This will change soon. Oneness will bring change in their lives too. I have already manifested for their change.

Healing The Planet With Oneness

There is sufficient abundance for every person in this world. There are enough food and resources to provide for everyone. Yet with this wealth of resources, we don’t provide for everyone. We turn our backs on the needy and allow them to continue suffering. By not ensuring their basic needs, we are partly to blame for their suffering. If some member of our own family was hungry or cold or ill, we would provide for them. So, why don’t we provide for our human family?

Nine thousand children die on this planet each day from undernutrition. Throughout the United States, the richest nation on earth, over six-hundred thousand people live on the streets, out in the open, with no shelter, no sanitation facilities, and little hope. How can this be? Consider these facts:

  • One in eight Americans lives on incomes so small that they are at risk for hunger.
  • Over thirteen million American children rely on food banks for assistance.
  • Ninety percent of those requesting food assistance are not homeless. These people have one or more people in the household who work and earn money, but their income is insufficient to pay for all of their living necessities.
  • There is no community in the U.S. where a full-time worker earning minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment.

These problems can be solved. There are hundreds of relief agencies and non-profits who work to raise funds to apply to programs and services to alleviate the suffering caused by poverty. Yet even with these efforts, we have come up short.

The solution to these problems is not more government intervention, or charity, or awareness. What is needed is oneness. What is lacking in love? Without love, we have an insufficient will to solve these issues. But with love, with oneness, they will be resolved. We will find the way. If it were our own child, or mother, or brother suffering, we would have the will, through love. By recognizing every person in the world as a member of our global family, with the same concern we show to our personal family, we will solve these issues. We will find a way to do it.

Oneness begins within us. We must have personal integrity and love for our own selves first. This love will then manifest in how we care for our own family’s needs. Families who look after each other in a spirit of oneness create neighborhoods and communities who care for each other. Neighborhoods and communities who care for each other create states and nations who care for each other out of oneness.

Oneness means wholeness in togetherness. By understanding the views and needs of others, we Make a Difference placard become willing to compromise. Those who are more fortunate should be willing to give back to the community. No worker who works forty hours a week or more should live in poverty or be homeless. Their value as a worker should be seen, not just in terms of the economic contribution they make to their employer, but also in terms of their humanity and their basic needs for survival.

I believe that the world can create a new consciousness of peace and unity through universal love. I also believe that a single individual can move mountains, can cause wonders. Just imagine the power of an ocean of sharing set in motion.

Life is a beautiful gift from God. We all have to live our own lives. The way I live is by helping others, unconditionally. Who do I love the most? GOD and His beautiful creation and his beautiful human family. I beckon you to join me in creating true planetary equity and healing. Platforms of ONENESS will start all over the World after the release of the movie project.