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Rajan Luthra is an equal parts entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary. Throughout his life he has founded numerous business ventures, has been engaged in important philanthropic projects and has a world vision of ‘Oneness’, where all nations, all races, and all religions, work together to solve the world’s problems in a spirit of cooperation and love.


Rajan Luthra gradually moved to Germany and build his real estate investment company dealing with historic, premium properties such as the Villa Baltic, a luxurious mansion on the Baltic Sea in Rostock, Germany


2012 Mr. Luthra established “The Help Foundation, Group”, to develop life-saving programs and services to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen local economies, and assist with the development of infrastructures, health systems, education, and nutrition.

HFG’s initial project was launched at Wazipur Depot near Rohini, an impoverished slum area of New Delhi, India. Over seven hundred homeless people were living along the railway lines with no homes, no sanitation facilities, inadequate food and health facilities, with the railway tracks serving as the children’s playground. Mr. Luthra has also served in the Fulton County, Georgia interfaith council board, working to resolve issues faced by the homeless population in the Atlanta area. At a very young age, Rajan began serving needy people near his home in India. When he was twelve years old, much of the farmland near his village was seized by the government to allow for the area’s homeless. Inspired by his parents, who were social workers, he began stopping by the homeless encampment every day on his way home from school to see if he is of some help to them.


Rajan Luthra’s vision of oneness:

“The foundation of the world is oneness. But in the arena of human affairs, oneness is missing. This is the root cause of human suffering; poverty, hunger, and homelessness. So, I have this vision to bring them together as one – Families as one, neighbors as one, all races, all religions, all nations, equal members of the global human family.” There is sufficient abundance for every person in this world. There is enough food and resources to provide for everyone. Yet with this wealth of resources, we don’t provide for everyone. We turn our backs on the needy and allow them to continue suffering. By not ensuring their basic needs, we are partly to blame for their suffering. If some member of our own family was hungry or cold or ill, we would provide for them. So, why don’t we provide for our human family?

What is needed is oneness. What is lacking is trust and love. Without love, we have insufficient will to solve these issues. But with love, we will find solutions. We will find a way. If it were our own child, or mother, or brother suffering, we would have the will, through love. By recognizing every person in the world as a member of our global family, with the same concern we show to our personal family, we will solve these issues. We will find a way to do it.


He finished his education. He passed an electronic diploma from ITI Arab Ki Sarai, Nizamuddin, New Delhi. Instead of taking a job in the Government sector, He decided to Start “Vikram Associates”, a real estate company dealing with the top builder and Developers like Jaina properties, Ansal, DLF, Bhanot, Sylvania Laxman, Mrs. Agagrwal and many other companies in New Delhi, India.


He went to Mumbai for business and decided to become an Actor He stayed almost two months and meeting all directors and producers. His friend Rahul introduced him to the Chopra family. Who is the top of the film industry in India? He spent lots of time with late Ravi Chopra, Who was Son of BR Chopra. He had several chances to act in Bollywood movies. But Somehow he decided to travel and do the business worldwide instead of acting and dancing in Bollywood.


Launched “Bravo International”, exporting handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing to Germany and the U.S. He has tried his best to get big business from different countries. German was his country to do business.


October was his first trip to Germany. Where he loved driving on Autobahn. The first trip was along with his friend Dr. Dirk Last and Bernie. He bought Renu5 car within 15 days and driven all the way South to North Germany. He has his good friend Mr. Malhotra in Hamburg and Jagtar Singh is also his good friend in Hamburg.


He has fled market business in the East part of Germany. He used to bring handicrafts and Garments from India for wholesale and retail. Initially, He used to sell on the street but in a couple of years, he owns several boutiques and big shopping centers in Rostock. His dream city.


Established the “Atlanta GmbH” in Rostock, Germany. Launched multiple retail outlets offering fashions, handicrafts, jewelry, and furniture.


Obtained a Real Estate Broker license in Germany called 34c. Also Acquired and the historic “Villa Baltic” in Kuhlungsborn, Germany. Opened a gallery, restaurant, bar, and beer garden. This is historical property “Goebel Villa ” Goebel was the right hand of Adolf Hitler. Villa is right on the Baltic Sea in Germany.Best time of his life. He manifested to acquire this palace in 1990 and finally He has the opportunity to get this beautiful palace in 1996. He remodels the whole palace and rebuilds the beautiful terrace of Ocean blick. He had a good and bad time for his dream project.


Worked with “IT Brains GmbH”, an information technology company located in Dusseldorf, Germany. He traveled, India, Germany, and USA for the business. After 911 company was closed.


Served as Managing Director for “Mediprocure PVT, Ltd”. Mediprocure is involved in importing medical equipment used in medical procedures such as wound healing and liposuction. Worked closely with some of India’s top hospitals and top leading plastic surgeons in India. He arranged many workshops in India at big hospitals like Apolo along with the best plastic surgeons from Germany.


After moving to Atlanta, Mr. Luthra launched “Atlantic Venture Capital Development LLC, involved in new residential construction, and acquiring and rebuilding real properties along with his partners Mr. Duran and Mr.Iddon.


Founded a TRILOC LLC, Real Estate and Business consulting.


Founded “TRI Wireless, Inc”, as a service provider for mobile and internet services.


Founded “Kidz Fun World”, Lafayette, Georgia, a fun center providing arcade attractions and games for kids of all ages.


Founded Help Foundations Group in India And also Started Recruiting 24×7 company in New Delhi to help the foundation.


With German and Nepalese partners, Mr. Luthra launched “Saurya Airlines”, to provide both domestic and international flights in Nepal and the surrounding region. He has served as an international managing director.


Mr. Luthra built a “Chai and just Chat” platform along with his business partner for the purpose of advancing humanitarian efforts through interactions among professionals, community advocates, and experts, to share resources while focusing on advocacy, communication, education, and action-oriented dialogs.


, Mr. Luthra founded “Vendorship Inc”, with a mission of providing their clients with access to vendor agreements and procurement licenses from governmental and non-governmental agencies.


Lafayette Racing has assembled a stellar team and will return to challenge the leaders in the 2020 Nascar Truck & XFinity season.
Started company called Lafayette Racing Inc.


We are outcoming with several Business Ideas that are fully interlinked with upcoming technologies. Collaboration is internal between teams or external to clients, expertise and commitment define our process. Cloud cybersecurity and cloud computing services.


Pathways to Success
We are a prominent executive search company and selection company, dedicated to serving as One Stop Solution to all recruitment needs across all levels. We specialize in bulk/continuous demand recruitment at all levels and across the country with utmost satisfaction. We are a team of dedicated professionals offering services in the US and Indian markets.
This company will help the non-profit Help Foundation Group to raise funds for the poor children and also Homeless people in the United State.


Triloc Films Studio Inc.
Triloc Films is a worldwide distribution and production company based in Hollywood, California. Working closely with Indian film companies as well. We deliver high-quality movies embracing the unique vision of the independent filmmaker. Triloc Films prides itself on its work ethic, flexibly, innovation and extensive experience. In addition to production and distribution, we provide directors, crew and casting to deliver high-quality entertainment globally..

Rajan’s Philosophy For Success 12 C And D Formula For Life.

  • Courageous – I have the courage to work hard for my Aim and my Vision.
  • Caring – Love and caring is the first rule in my life.
  • Consistent – Consistency is essential for success.
  • Cooperative – Cooperation emerges out of compassion.
  • Compromising – Compromise is the antidote for conflict.
  • Celebrity – Seek to become a star who shines in people’s hearts and provides them with light to become One with the Global Universal Oneness.
  • Discipline – This is the first step in achieving success in life.
  • Dedication – I dedicate myself to my work and believe in the law of Good Karma.
  • Determination – I always stick to my goals and principles in life.
  • Decisions – I remain stable like the sky. I don’t change my plans. Once I decide to do something, I will do it or die.
  • Devotion – I believe in TRUE LOVE. Life without devotion is like a paper flower without a sweet aroma.

Devotion is a gift; it is the grace of God. We experience the grace of God when we love God and his beautiful creation. True devotion is a vital part of our life. Devotion protects us from negative tendencies like ego, lust, greed, and selfishness. We can achieve Oneness only after we become connected with God. There is one God who resides in every soul and in every religion in the world. I see him and experience him in temples, in mosques, gurdwaras, and in churches.

Decency – It is important to be good, and to live a life of truthfulness and honesty. We must work hard in life for work is worship. My main purpose in this world is to take care of my family, friends, and the poor and needy through my foundation. I want to share useful, uplifting messages through my films. My passion is to develop initiatives through the media that inspire global cooperation and Oneness.

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“HWY 1 to Oneness” is an inspirational story written by Rajan Luthra which is about human suffering and world unity. The idea for the movie came to Rajan as he

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