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“HWY 1 to Oneness” is an inspirational story written by Rajan Luthra which is about human suffering and world unity. The idea for the movie came to Rajan as he was driving on HWY 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


This is a great movie project, written by Rajan Luthra. The movie is a unique concept is to bring the world together to the one platform. The message of this movie is Oneness. This movie project will be one of the causes to make people think about Oneness is important part of everyone’s life. Rajan found this vision when he was driving to Los Angeles from San Francisco on Hwy 1. The story of Hwy 1 to Oneness is a man who believes in all the religions and goodness of all living beings and a strong believer of “ONE GOD”. He realized through GOD’S calling, that the present need of the world is ONENESS, unity, peace and love. He decided to give up all his businesses and build ONENESS platforms around the world. These platforms will help the people, resolve their problems and resolve the big issues in political world, spiritual world, religious world, wealthy world and poor world.

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The underlying theme and goal of the film are to focus worldwide attention on the importance of and need for oneness. His objective is to bring the whole world together as one through the movie.

Rajan is personally committed to creating such a world, where all of humanity is joined together as a single human family; a world in which each family member shows the same degree of caring and concern for his world family members as he does for his personal family. He believes in a world in which everyone is focused on serving those in need. He envisions a world where everyone embraces cultural and religious diversity. Unity and oneness do not require us to abandon our individuality. By developing consciousness of love and service, we can build on each other’s personal gifts and strengths to create a planet of people who are infinitely creative, joy-filled, and blessed with an abundance of all of the essentials necessary to live a healthy, whole, and fulfilling life.

We engage in oneness when we reach out to others through love, kindness, and positive attitudes. We grow in it by learning the burdens, perspectives, challenges, and the powerful potentials within everyone around us. We build it with the words and actions we choose in every situation in which we are called upon for help and support. We sustain it by understanding that each time we fall short in living up to our ideal of oneness, we are given the opportunity for a new breakthrough, to create a deeper and more authentic oneness between us. Finally, we realize it by working together to transform those breakthroughs into positive actions and solutions.

This vision cannot be realized with theories or empty rhetoric. We can only realize it with action, in the way we respond to challenges and opportunities. What stands in our way is our tendency toward self-centeredness. Yet even after our earnest efforts toward fulfilling our personal desires, everyone remains unhappy and unsatisfied, rich and poor alike. Personal power, wealth, and comfort do not create happiness. Happiness exists within us. We experience happiness when we make a contribution to the world which has lasting value. If we stand on the same platform, at the same level, and we begin to see and understand the world’s problems through each other’s eyes, we can find the will and the means to resolve all of the world’s suffering.

A generous portion of the film’s profits will be donated to non-profits charity, The Help Foundations Group and many other non-profits Who are dedicated to alleviating poverty, hunger, and homelessness throughout the world.

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