Rajan Luthra got his education in electronics engineering from Delhi, India. He successfully started several business ventures from a young age starting with his export/import business. He gradually moved to Germany and build his real estate investment company dealing with historic, premium properties such as the Villa Baltic, a luxurious mansion on the Baltic Sea in Rostock, Germany.

He has founded a non-profit organization called Help Foundations Group (HFG). The mission of this organization is to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens – leveraging their expertise, resources, and passions and turn good intentions into measurable results.

At Present, he is involved in multiple ventures spanning industries such as real estate which deals in commercial properties like hotels, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and office buildings and a consulting company that deals in Vendorship IT projects. He is also actively pursuing his dream of producing a movie project called INRI and Hwy 1 to Oneness under TRILOC Films. The script has been written and it is under review. The Talent Acquisition Team is working towards bringing great people on board to bring his vision to reality. He is also CEO/Co-Founder great online TV show called Chai and Just Chat.

www. Triloc.net
CEO 2007

“Established since 1986, Triloc LLC is a privately held merchant banking firm, having a presence over 30+ countries, and helping Businesses and Brands to scale. We bring 40 years of experience on board and provide growth capital and consultation with a proven business model. ”

Triloc deals in Trading, Real Estate, Investment, Logistics, Event Organization, Consulting, and Oil & Gas Import & Export business


We will collaborate/secure vendors with governments and non-governmental agencies to meet your needs. In pursuit of this goal, we will engage representatives from various government & non-government procurement sectors throughout in collaborative efforts. We will assist with the following.

Your company will be:

  • Eligible to do business with Government & non-governmental agencies
  • Placed on the government unified bidders list
  • Ready to Bid/Request for Proposal/Request for Quotation notices, of prospective projects and contracting opportunities.
  • Provided with various bidding opportunities; online bidding
  • Prepared to respond to open quotes on-line and in real-time
  • Placed to respond to open quotes
  • Prepared to receive formal Solicitations
  • Respond to Request for Proposals (RFP)


Triloc’s current project, “HWY 1 to Oneness”, is the story of a man who believes in the inherent unity of all of the world’s religious and ethnic groups, but is frustrated by the world’s condition and the unnecessary suffering of the poor. One day, he has a vision – a calling. He sees what the world needs most is ‘oneness’, and that through oneness, all things are possible. All of the world’s problems can be solved through oneness. He also envisions practical ways to harness this oneness to alleviate suffering. He renounces his worldly career and embarks on a path toward serving the needy. A generous amount of the profits from the film, up to one half, will go to support Rajan Luthra’s charitable organization, “The Help Foundations Group”, and similar worthy causes.

How we work.

1. We are a Hollywood based company that works with both the Hollywood and Bollywood film markets. Our main objective is to deliver high-quality entertainment globally.

2. We currently have a joint venture with various studios both foreign and domestic. In addition, to financing and sales/distribution.

3. We are a leading independent film distribution and marketing company that brings innovation, extensive experience, strong relationships, and an established reputation to film markets worldwide.

We are working on pre-productions for movies project called, Hwy1 To Oneness, RAJ, and INRI.

Stories are written by Rajan Luthra. We are working on pre-productions.

CEO/Co-Founder 2019


Chai – A word for tea in numerous languages.

Just – Behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

Chat – To talk in an informal or familiar manner.


Chai & Just Chat is designed to encourage discussion on health, financial, communications and varied topics for the life and health of a person or family. Planning for the unexpected is difficult but ensures security for our communities. Subject matter experts discuss and answer questions on the specifics themes for the event. These sessions bring various experts and community members together to discuss action items for the current challenging situations.


Our monthly community Chai & just Chats tends to advance the field of humanitarian efforts through interactions among professionals, community advocates & experts, and shared resources while focusing on advocacy, communication, education, and action-oriented dialogues.


The power of public dialogue between subject matter experts and consumers will offer thoughts and wisdom on a deep understanding of topics that are sometimes not discussed.


We launched the Chai & just Chat in Georgia, USA on August 11, 2017. Chai & just Chats are being launched globally. We have shown two years of monthly panel discussions benefitting communities in various ways.


Our past events have been successful in achieving the goals and quality attendance who wish to make an impact in the community


Recruiting 24×7 Inc
Launching 2020

Pathways to Success
We are a prominent executive search company and selection company, dedicated to serving as One Stop Solution to all recruitment needs across all levels. We specialize in bulk/continuous demand recruitment at all levels and across the country with utmost satisfaction. We are a team of dedicated professionals offering services in the US and Indian markets.

This company will help the non-profit Help Foundation Group to raise funds for the poor children and also Homeless people in Unites State.